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9/16/2018 » 9/18/2018
2018 International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

EU CTO – Added Value Study


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Consumer Products and the Life Cycle of CTO & CST

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Welcome to Pine Chemicals Association

Welcome to  Pine Chemicals Association (PCA). The PCA is the only association dedicated exclusively to the global pine chemicals industry. The PCA speaks on behalf of the industry on a variety of issues, including CTO and sustainable forestry, offers information about pine chemicals to the general public, and provides its members exclusive access to the latest industry facts and figures, events, as well as, networking opportunities.   Most recently, the PCA has been voicing its position regarding government mandates and subsidies for biofuel use. We invite you to learn more about pine chemicals, and to join us in our efforts to increase our industry’s sustainable impact.


PCA Welcomes Alex Cunningham As President

The Pine Chemicals Association International is pleased to announce that Alejandro Cunningham has accepted the position of President and COO of the Association, effective January 1st of this year.

The PCAI is an international association representing companies in over 25 countries.  Alex will be the first President from outside the USA and we believe his expertise will help the Association continue with its goal of being globally focused.

Alex has been very active in the PCA for many years and previously served on the PCA Board of Directors. Additionally, he has served as Chair of the Rosin Committee and as Chair of the Gum Rosin Focus session at the International Conferences for several years. Alex brings a tremendous amount of global rosin expertise to the Association.

The role as PCA President will require Alex, who currently resides in Brazil, to spend substantial time in the USA and he has recently acquired a new visa to allow this travel.  He will also travel internationally to support our many Association members around the world.

Amanda Young, the PCA Executive Director, will report to Alex, as will the other full and part time staff members who are so important to the activities of our Association.  Alex will report to the PCA Board of Directors. 

Charlie Morris, the past President, will continue to assist PCA in a consulting role. 

We are very excited to have Alex as the new President of the Association. He has a tremendous amount of passion and new ideas which will help the PCA continue to be a key and valuable resource to its members and the industry.


Contact Information:

Alejandro Cunningham, President and COO

Amanda Young, Executive Director

Charlie Morris, Past President

Wendi Kidd, Executive Assistant